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Prenatal, Pediatrics & Fertility Services

We offer a number of naturopathic and holistic family health services including a Calgary doula, prenatal care, pediatrics, and fertility treatments in Calgary, Alberta.  Our various programs and solutions will help you in achieving a healthy pregnancy, getting the best postnatal care, and help with overcoming infertility. Some of our solutions include acupuncture, massage, nutrition counselling, and a number of other effective naturopathic and holistic therapies.


  • Calgary Doula (naturopathic)
  • Birth support
  • Post-partem support
  • Natural & holistic fertility treatments
  • Prenatal care and support
  • Birth counselling
  • Lifestyle counselling

? If you live in the Calgary and area please contact us here to find out how we can help you with your prenatal, pediatric or infertility challenges. We are located at: 101-3815 Front St S.E. Calgary, AB, T3M 2J6.