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Holistic Doctor in Calgary

Cold and Flu Season

At Seton Integrative Health Clinic, our holistic doctor in Calgary strongly believes in healing the body and preventing illness using nature’s own solutions. SIHC believes in taking a natural approach to getting better and staying strong. This clinic is headed by naturopathic practitioner Dr. Aliya Kabani. Other members of this exceptional team are Dr. Warner and Terence Laverdure. Dr. Kabani uses professional complementary medicine combined with the practical use of art and science of naturopathic medicine to help you and your family on your healing journey. She is a very committed and compassionate human being and an empathetic and supportive doctor who takes the time to assess and diagnose an individual holistically. Because of her personal experience with holistic medicine, Dr. Kabani is even more excited to empower her patients to take charge of their health and educate them that the healthiest body is one that works on preventing disease and is in harmony physically, mentally, and spiritually. And during cold and flu season, it is important to learn how to prevent illness or one from getting worse.

Staying healthy during cold and flu season can be a daunting task, especially if you are around school age children who seem to bring every bug home with them. The holistic doctor in Calgary offers ways to prevent getting sick or to alleviate the severity of the symptoms when you do succumb. First of all, mild symptoms can be left alone. Very often, it is your body’s strong immune system working to stave off a serious infection. Drink plenty of liquids, especially hot ones to loosen up the mucous. Blow your nose one nostril at a time to prevent the bacteria from growing and try a nasal douche with salted water or a nasal kit. This helps clear out the bacteria. Stay warm and rested, and elevate your head with an extra pillow to facilitate nasal drainage.

For sore throats, the holistic doctor in Calgary recommends gargling with salt water or a thicker solution of honey and apple cider vinegar. Take a steam shower to loosen up the sinuses. But if you feel too dizzy from the flu to stand up, let the hot water run while you take a seated sponge bath. Hot and cold compresses on the sinuses also relieve sinus congestion and encourage drainage. Gentle lymphatic drainage massage down the neck also encourages drainage and clears the sinuses. If symptoms aren’t relieved by these natural remedies, call your doctor. Eating a nutritious diet of fruits and vegetables and remembering to wash your hands if you come in contact with someone who is ill can build up your resistance to a cold and the flu. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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