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Infertility Awareness Week is wrapping up in the US right now (Canada’s is the last week of May), which means alot of questions about options and support for the approximately 20% of couples affected.  Naturopathic doctors have lots to offer in supporting optimal fertility.  For NDs, fertility is about creating an environment for conception to happen and looking into underdiagnosed causes for concern.

  1. Undiagnosed Celiac disease

Many couples struggle with fertility because of an unknown gluten allergy or other food sensitivity.  Simple bloodwork can start this process in the office here at Seton Integrative Health Clinic.  Digestive concerns as usually a clue, but some patients experience no symptoms.  If you are of British descent, rates of Celiac disease are especially high.

  1. Suboptimal hormone levels

Trouble getting or staying pregnant can be a sign of progesterone deficiency.  Blood or saliva testing is used by our naturopathic doctors to assess this, as well as thyroid function.  Thyroid seems to have an “optimal” range, even within the normal range, so if you have been tested and found normal, this may not be good enough for your body to conceive.

  1. Suboptimal iron stores

Another area our naturopathic doctors investigate is nutrient levels, namely iron, to see if the body is well equipped to provide nutrients to a fetus.  Low ferritin levels can be associated with fertility challenges.

Treatment options can be hormone & thyroid support, nutrition, and, a favourite of the World Health Organizaiton, acupuncture.  Naturopathic doctors train for 7 years minimum to become experts in natural health.  Call (587)393-3889 or visit our website www.setonwellness.com for more information.  We are happy to extend complimentary meet-and-greets to discuss your needs further.

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