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Sugar and Inflammation in Calgary

Halloween is coming. That means costumes to rival a Hollywood red carpet and candy. Lots of candy. Parents understand that too much processed sugar has to be avoided, but exactly how much is too much? The Calgary naturopathic doctor at the Seton Integrative Health Clinic wants to offer you some guidance about sugar and inflammation. This clinic is headed by Dr. Aliya Kabani. She uses professional complementary medicine combined with the practical use of art and science of naturopathic medicine to help you and your family on your healing journey. She is a very committed and compassionate human being and an empathetic and supportive doctor who takes the time to assess and diagnose an individual holistically.

Halloween presents families with a dilemma – finding the right balance between having fun and the joy of trick or treating, and limiting the amount of processed sugar. The Calgary naturopathic doctor provides nutritional counseling to help families avoid stress while still delighting in the holiday. Certain types of foods can increase the body’s inflammatory response which can lead to disease. Processed sugar (sucrose, or table sugar) and fructose are major culprits. In mice studies, when mice were fed high-sucrose diets, they developed breast cancer that spread to their lungs, in part due to the inflammatory response to sugar. And in a randomized clinical trial where people were assigned to drink regular soda, diet soda, milk or water, only those in the regular soda group had increased levels of uric acid, which drives inflammation and insulin resistance. Eating a lot of fructose has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer and chronic kidney disease.

The bottom line is that consuming a diet high in sugar and high-fructose corn syrup drives inflammation that can lead to disease. It may also counteract the anti-inflammatory effect of omega-3 fatty acids. Dr. Kabani, your Calgary naturopathic doctor, can teach you how to provide delicious, nutritional snacks during the holidays that taste good, are healthy for your children, wean them off of harmful, sugary foods, and teach them the benefits of wholesome foods. Learning about good nutrition at an early age is important to Dr. Kabani. During this Halloween season, start making healthy choices for your family and you will build a lifetime of good eating habits.

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