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Calgary IV vitamin therapy

At Seton Integrative Health Clinic, our naturopathic doctor strongly believes in healing the body and preventing illness using nature’s own solutions. SIHC believes in taking a natural approach to getting better and staying strong. This clinic is headed by naturopathic practitioner Dr. Aliya Kabani. She uses professional complementary medicine combined with the practical use of art and science of naturopathic medicine to help you and your family on your healing journey. She is a very committed and compassionate human being and an empathetic and supportive doctor who takes the time to assess and diagnose an individual holistically. Dr. Aliya wants to empower her patients to take charge of their health and educate them that the healthiest body is one that works on preventing disease and is in harmony physically, mentally, and spiritually. The scope of her practice includes naturopathic medicine, nutrition counseling and weight management, pregnancy, pediatric, and fertility services, Calgary IV vitamin therapy, aging wellness, BIE treatments, and sports medicine and performance.

Calgary IV vitamin therapy is a unique delivery system for vitamins. It works by administering vitamins and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system. This process provides improve cell absorption and total bioavailability of nutrients through an IV infusion. In comparison, oral supplementation provides about 20% absorption after it passes through the digestive tract. When needed, booster shots are given via intramuscular injection so there is no gastrointestinal metabolism. After an infusion, the effects of the vitamins remain in your body for 2-3 weeks. The booster shot is the equivalent of one week’s worth of oral supplements.

Calgary IV vitamin therapy frequency is individually decided. For most people in good health who are doing this therapy to prevent illness and maintain wellness, twice a month is suggested. To help determine your appropriate dose, we perform a micronutrient lab panel. This test lets us see what your nutritional deficiencies are and what vitamins and supplements will provide you with vitality and robust health. This delivery system dates back to the 1980’s. It has been used to address many health issues and keep you in top form. To find out if Calgary IV vitamin therapy is right for you, give us a call today.

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